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High School & Youth Hockey Spring League

12th Annual - 2023 SCHL High School & Youth Hockey Spring League


April 22rd - June 30th


High School games will be played at:




Youth Hockey games will be played at:



Teams will play all or the majority of their games at the rink or rinks closest to them.

Multiple Divisions for boys and girls will be set up to allow High School, Bantam, Peewee, Squirt, and Mite players to participate. 

Standings, statistics, and game photos will be tracked and viewable on our league website.



Division 1 - Current D1 High School Teams

Division 2 - Current D2 High School Teams

Division 3 - Current D3 High School Teams

Teams interested in playing up may do so pending coaches request and league approval.



Draft will be held to ensure equal, balanced, and competitive teams at each youth hockey level. Date and times for the draft to be determined and will take place in the weeks leading up to the start of the season.




$3,850 per team: 10 games plus playoffs for teams that advance.

SCHL team jerseys and matching socks are included and required.

25 skaters and 4 goalies max. per team.

Cost breakdown with 4 lines ( 12 forwards / 8 defensemen ) and 2 goalies: $175 per player ( $17.50 per game per player. )

Cost breakdown with 3 lines ( 9 forwards / 6 defensemen ) and 2 goalies: $226.47 per player ( $22.65 per game per player. )

Cost is under $23 per game per player with either 3 or 4 lines and 2 goalies.

Cost per player increases with less players per team as the team fee is divided by the total number of players on a roster.

Team payments are due in full by each team's first game in order to play.




$250 per player: 10 games plus playoffs for teams that advance.

SCHL team jerseys and matching socks included and required.

$25 per game per player.

16 skaters and 1-2 goalies max. per team.




Saturdays & Sundays

8:00am - 8:00pm start time range.

Week nights may be used if necessary for regular season games and playoffs.

Scheduling requests can be submitted to avoid conflicts with other spring sports.




- 10 games, plus quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals for teams that advance.

- Three 15 minute periods, stop time. OT and shoot-out if necessary.

- 1 game per week primarily. Teams will play twice some weeks.

- Music during 3 minute warm-ups.

- Top 4 or 6 teams make playoffs.

- If 6 teams enter a division, the top 4 advance to the playoffs ( Semi-finals and Finals. )

- If 8 or more teams enter a division, the top two teams receive a bye into the semi-finals. Teams ranked 3,4,5, and 6 will play in a quarterfinal round.

- Standings & statistics tracked online in real-time. Summary and stat leaders viewable after each game.

- Professional photography from select games.


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- High School & Youth Hockey Rules.

- High School Divisions - Eligibility: Players currently in 8th - 11th grade.

- Youth Hockey Divisions - Eligibility: Players are allowed to play only in the division they will be entering this coming Fall 2023.

- Matching SCHL jerseys and socks required. Players without either or will receive a 2 minute minor at the start of the game.

- 2 referees, 1 scorekeeper at each game.

- Players who get into a fight will be suspended and or removed from the league without refund, no exceptions.




High School team fees are due in full by the first game in order to play.

Registration for the High School Divisions ends on 4/8/23.

Youth Hockey players must pay by 4/1/23 to enter the draft.

Cash or check made payable to SCHL are accepted.


There are no tryouts for this league. If you are interested in entering a team or signing up as an individual player, please use the contact link below to email your team or player information.


If you have any questions please contact Dan DiLauro:


Please pass this along to your players, parents, and spring hockey coaches.

Thank you.


Dan DiLauro

SCHL Commissioner

Phone: 203.988.5384